If I Win The Debt Collection Lawsuit Against Me, What Happens Next?

If I Win The Debt Collection Lawsuit Against Me, What Happens Next?

debt collectionAfter Success in a Debt Collection Lawsuit: The Facts

Fact: A debt collection lawsuit is essentially a claim that you the consumer owe money to the debt buyer or debt collector who sued you.

Fact: If the debt collection lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice or if the judge ruled in your, the final decision is that you do not owe the debt to the debt buyer. All collection activity must stop.

Fact: A debt buyer cannot continue to report a debt that a judge has decided is not owed.

Fact: If the debt was not owed by you to the debt collector, why did the debt collector (debt buyer) credit report on you in the first place and why did the collector sue you?  On a debt you do not owe to the debt buyer?

We are happy to help you discover your rights and options for what to do after you win your lawsuit.


You have rights under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), and Alabama state law (including Malicious Prosecution) when you have been sued in a bogus lawsuit and had credit reporting by a debt buyer.

Next Steps To Take After Winning Your Collection Lawsuit

Step One:

Did the debt buyer report on your credit reports at anytime that you owed this debt?  If so, you need to look at suing, especially if the account remains on your credit reports after you win.

Step Two:

What type of evidence did the debt collector bring to court — often it is no evidence at all.  Nothing.  If there was little or no evidence, then you need to look at your option of suing the debt collector.

Step Three:

Has the collector continued any collection activities against you since you won — we often see the collection lawyers threatening to sue you again, the debt buyer will credit report or call or even sue you on the exact same debt it lost.  Amazing that they do this but it happens.  None of this should be happening and needs to normally be fixed by suing the debt collector in federal court.

Step Four: Contact Us.

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    thank you for this! i scoured the internet to find out what it means to win a lawsuit against a junk debt buyer, and this very clearly explained it! appreciate it!!

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