Testimonial from Terry from Birmingham, Alabama

I just won my case with John Watts and Stan Herring.

I found myself being sued by a creditor that said they owned the debt that I’d never heard of and never dealt with. I was searching for some help and I came across their website, probably just like you’re doing now. I thought at first that it was a gimmick or whatever. I had to try something, so I tried.

I can recommend these people more than anything. They come in, tell you what your options are, tell you what your rights are, what the laws are, and how the laws pertain to you. They walk you through what you’ll experience in court. They tell you what to expect about whether there will be witnesses and what’s going to happen with the opposing attorney, the judge and all that.

They just make you feel right at home and comfortable. It’s just like your next-door neighbor when you’re talking to them. I highly recommend them.

I hope everything works out for you, just like it has for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. Thank you.