Testimonial from Tanisha

Hello, my name is Tanisha. I had a legal issue occur and I didn’t know what to go or which direction to turn.

I went on the internet and located Watts Law Group. I called and they were very efficient. They called me back within 24 hours. I came down from Gadsden and within 48 hours, they were discussing my legal issue with me.

They made me feel very comfortable. Any questions that I had, they answered. They were very concerned with my happiness and how I was feeling about my whole case. They were available for me 24 hours whenever I needed Randy or John.

I would recommend Watts Law Group to anyone that has legal issues, or if a matter comes up and you need some legal advice on what to do. Please contact Watts Law Group in Birmingham, Alabama. They were helpful with me and my case. They handled my case very efficiently, and I just appreciate and love them. Thank you.