Testimonial from Shannon who was sued by Midland Funding

Shannon was sued by the debt buyer (debt collector) Midland Funding which files many thousands of lawsuits a year in Alabama.

She describes her experience below (also here on our Avvo profile which lists most of our reviews) and we appreciate her kind thoughts and the opportunity we had to help her.


We were scared, confused, angry, and feeling rather hopeless. Then we scheduled a consultation. John Watts stepped in and took charge of a case we could not begin to understand. He explained everything he was doing each step of the way. He represented us when we were being sued by Midland Funding. We had no idea who they were or what this debt was. When we were discouraged he showed us that anything is possible. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is, but after one consultation, you’ll see for yourself.

Thanks Shannon!

John Watts

PS — If you are dealing with a lawsuit from Midland or any other debt collector, feel free to watch our comprehensive video (or read the transcript) about your five options. ┬áThis will help you to understand your options and then we can talk by phone to help you discover for yourself the best option for you.