Testimonial from Renee in Birmingham — Dealing With Debt Buyer LVNV On An Old Debt

I’m a single mom of two boys and having just gone through a horrible divorce started receiving letters and phone calls from a company I have never heard of.

I had no idea who this was (debt buyer LVNV) or that I owed them money. I explained my situation to them and that the particular amount they said I owed had been payed off in 2005.

This was not even the credit company that the money was borrowed from in the beginning. I knew I owed them nothing. Still the letters and phone calls kept coming.

I received a letter in the mail from Watts &Herring stating that they could help me with this problem and I am so glad I called them.

They won this case for me and for once in a very long time I feel more relaxed and able to sleep at night knowing those people won’t be bothering me anymore.

I highly recommend this lawyer for any case you may have if strong and positive results are what you’re looking for.

[We enjoyed representing Renee and we were glad that we were able to get a judgment against LVNV on her behalf.]