Testimonial from Mitch and Sheletha

I am Shaletha. I had an experience with a collection agency calling my house. I informed my husband that a collection agency was calling the house. I wasn’t aware of that particular collection agency.

He told me that he was familiar with a lawyer by the name of John Watts and Associates. He said he would explain the situation that he was being harassed by a collection agency that kept calling the house. He got with John and talked

I wasn’t aware of our rights, or that we had rights for a collection agency just calling the house or whatever. I informed my husband. He said he was going to get with John Watts and Associates and let him know the situation.

I talked with his associate, Heather, and I explained to her in detail the situation of how they were calling. She stated to me to do whatever needed to be done. Therefore I ended up with my husband.

Mitch: The collectors were calling. Most of the time, they called and left voicemails. I think during that week I got a newsletter from John Watts where he explained the rights for collectors calling the home.

When my wife informed me that we were getting those calls, I suggested that we give John Watts a call and explain the situation. He had us in contact with his assistant, Heather. She explained some of the rights and told us the rights that we have.

After I gave her all the information that they needed on the collectors, they handed it over to John and his associates. They were able to stop the collection calls. That really relieved the stress off of our family.

I recommend John Watts not just for this type of situation that we experienced, but any other situation. From my experience dealing with John, if he’s not able to work with you on handing your situation, he will quickly recommend someone else he knows.

I would recommend John Watts and associates for any situation that you’re going through. I don’t consider him just an attorney. He’s just a dear friend. Thank you.