Testimonial from Mary From Shelby County — Abusive Debt Collector Experience

John was calm, respectful, knowledgeable and a good teacher of the law. After having met with him I, too, left with a feeling of calmness and trust that I had the most appropriate and professional attorney.

The debt collector called me names and lectured me about being a good mother, called my home incessantly, threatened court action for a debt that was not my debt. When John took action against the agency the harassment bullying stopped. Plus the settlement was more than satisfactory!

I believe he is making a difference for good people who are powerless to defend themselves.

Mary is a great client and we were very happy to be able to help her deal with an abusive debt collector.

The collector treated Mary poorly and abusively so we sued the collector which is normally the best way to deal with abusive debt collectors.

After a lawyer was hired by the debt collector, the case was resolved.