Testimonial from Frederick who was sued by a debt collector

Frederick is an Alabama consumer who was sued by a debt collector (also known as a junk debt buyer).  We are always suspicious of debt collector suits as the debt collectors are notorious for suing people who do not owe the debt or the debt collector does not own the debt.

Here is what Frederick had to say (you can read our Avvo reviews here):

Attorney Watts and his team listened to my case and explained clearly my options. He was courteous and followed-up on my case without being pushy. He explained what I should expect from the opposing attorneys and the Court process. He described what I needed to do to respond. The process unfolded much like he described. With Attorney Watts’ help I won my case easily. It looks easy in retrospect but I was afraid before I met him. He put me at ease! I highly recommend Attorney Watts if you need legal help.

Remember if you have been sued by a debt collector, you do have five (5) options on what to do next:

  • Bankruptcy (what many lawyers will tell you that you must do)
  • Fight it on your own (what almost everyone will tell you is impossible)
  • Settle it on your own (occasionally this is the right option)
  • Fight it through a lawyer (in other words bring in someone who does this day in and day out)
  • Settle it by hiring a lawyer (to help you get the best deal).

All of these options are legitimate — we just need to chat about your unique situation to find the right answer for you.

My suggestion is give us a call at 205-879-2447 or contact us through our website either before or after reviewing a comprehensive video/article on your five options when sued.

John Watts