Testimonial from Elle who needed to file bankruptcy

While we don’t normally recommend or file bankruptcies, in the case of Elle it was necessary and helpful to file bankruptcy.  She describes what led her to seek out an attorney, what led her to Watts & Herring, LLC, and her experience with us.

We appreciate her kind testimonial which you can also read at my Avvo profile.

“Without warning, I was faced with garnishment of wages for a car I turned in as a voluntary repo 9 years earlier and had thought the issue was in the past. Not knowing who to turn to, I met with two different legal firms that required I pay a consultation fee before any advice could be given out and later found out the information they gave me was not entirely accurate and they definitely were not looking out for my best interest.

A friend’s boss gave me the name of John Watts at Watts & Herring. I met with John and his staff and explained the situation with the garnishment and that I had just recently gone back to work after being out of work for 2 years from health related issues and unemployed for 9 months. I had no money and now the garnishment was even more devastating. How was I going to pay my rent and utilities? John and his staff reassured me and tried to calm my nerves, recommending a few different options, the benefits and downside of each option and what costs were associated with each choice. There was no charge for the consultation and it was very comforting to me when they told me whatever choice I made, they would help me each step of the way. In the end, I chose to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which stopped the garnishment right away and stopped the harassing medical debt calls and letters. They gave me advice on the pros and cons of keeping my car or turn it in as part of the bankruptcy and how to check the credit bureau reports after the bankruptcy was completed. I am forever grateful to John, Randi and Matt for helping through this very difficult legal and emotional time and recommend the to anyone in need of legal help.”

It is very rare we recommend bankruptcy, but if that is the best option for you we will do so.  If you are going through difficult financial times and want to have a candid and kind conversation about your options, please give us a call at 205-879-2447 or you can fill out our contact form and we will get right back with you.

John G. Watts