Testimonial from Douglas who discusses his experience with Watts & Herring on a debt collection matter

Douglas is like a lot of Alabama consumers — facing some difficult financial times. ┬áThen on top of this, he faced a debt collector who was not playing by the rules.

We appreciate the confidence he had in hiring us on his debt collection matter and also thank him for his kind review of Watts & Herring:

It wasn’t until I met John that my opinion of Attorneys forever changed. I felt none of them truly cared, until I met John. I thought 100% of lawyers only wanted to tell you what to do, until I met John.

I can tell you from personal experience on more than one occasion, John Watts truly cares about his clients, fiercely fights for what is in their best interests, and is completely open and transparent.

Additionally, he was very accessible, communicated often and effectively, and I never felt as though I didn’t know exactly what was going on.

If every Attorney would emulate John Watts, the perceptions of attorneys would be drastically altered for the better.

Don’t make a mistake and hire someone other than John.