Testimonial from Attorney who was sued — she discusses her experience with Watts & Herring (John Watts)

Attorneys are like everyone else — the economic downturn and personal challenges can cause financial difficulties. ¬†We have had a number of lawyers hire us to help them when they have dealt with debt collectors suing or who need to be sued.

Here is one example from my Avvo.com profile which lists some reviews:

I contacted John Watts in early 2013 when I was being sued by a junk debt buyer.

I am an attorney and even I was confused, anxious and overwhelmed by the process; I could not imagine how terrifying this would be for the average consumer.

John was patient, constantly kept me informed of case updates, and always explained my options. John took the time to meet with me in his office and he explain to me, step by step, how the process worked and what we needed to do to defeat this junk debt buyer.

I did exactly what John told me to do and we prevailed. He, never once, batted an eye over the 10,000 questions I asked him.

John is extremely professional and an outstanding attorney. I would recommend him to any colleague, family member or friend. He is THAT good.