Testimonial from Anna in Alabama

When a debt collector called my employer (I work in child care) and told my boss that I had committed a felony and that she should run a records check on me, it was devastating. I was afraid, not only of losing my job, but a beloved career. I went online to a site with lawyers from all over Alabama and asked if what the collector had done was legal. Within fifteen minutes I was contacted by Watt’s office, informed of my rights, and offered representation. All of the members of his staff were courteous, knowledgeable, and dedicated. My case was settled quickly, and I never felt like I was being kept out of the loop. Not only was his handling of my case outstanding, but since the settlement I have continued to receive e-mail newsletters on different legal and financial issues. These are free of charge, and seem to me to be a great public service, especially now that so many are experiencing financial hardships. If you have any legal questions, or have an inkling that you have been done wrong CALL THIS MAN!!!!