Testimonial from Angel who sued an abusive debt collector under the FDCPA

Angel is a consumer who was dealing with a typical abusive debt collector situation — the debt collector lied to her and also contacted a third party.  A third party is anyone other than the consumer or the consumer’s spouse.  And the law — the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) — prohibits third party contacts except in very limited situations.

When debt collectors violate this FDCPA law, then you need to look at suing them in federal court for money damages.

Angel discusses her experience doing this (and you can find this and other reviews at my Avvo profile):

John & Stan recently helped me settle a debt collection lawsuit where I was being harassed by a company day after day for several months with excessive phone calls and exposing my personal debt to a third party. This was a long and trying process that was very stressful to me but in the end we succeeded. I really don’t know if I could have come through this without these two guys. They are both AWESOME attorneys and both complement each other in their own way. They stand for the truth and always impress upon you to tell nothing but the truth because in the end it will prevail. There aren’t many lawyers like that around these days. John is so kind, caring and honest and really helps you feel comfortable in any situation. I hope I never have to go through what I did again but if so I wouldn’t want anyone else but these two representing me. If you are being abused by collectors don’t hesitate to contact them to find out your rights as a consumer. Thanks guys, you’re the best!!!

We appreciated the opportunity to help her and if you have any questions about a debt collector feel free to pick up the phone and call us at 205-879-2447 (or you can fill out our contact form).

We’ll be glad to help you think through your options and discover the best plan for you.

John Watts