Testimonial from Alabama Consumer Phillip Sued By Credit Card Company

I was struggling trying to defend a lawsuit on my own. I had very few options as I was in debt and being sued with the very real possibility of losing the case.

With the potential loss of the lawsuit I was facing garnishment of my wages which would have been catastrophic for my family.

Because I was being sued I started getting advertisement letters from attorneys.

Mr. John Watts advertisement letter was the second one that I received. The first letter was from a bankruptcy attorney. I made an appointment with the first attorney who only had it in his mind to steer me toward bankruptcy. That first attorney offered no options and said if I was not filing bankruptcy he could not help me.

When I received Mr. Watt’s letter I started reading it and actually began to see other options. His letter was very informative and helped me to understand the ramifications of the lawsuit that had been filed against me.

His letter offered a free phone consultation so I called. Best call I ever could have made.

With no strings attached Mr. Watts took the time to understand my situation and actually offered options other than bankruptcy.

Mr. Watts is actually a problem solver and does not cherry pick his cases. He will listen to you and take action on your behalf.

He worked diligently to bring my case to a very equitable resolution.

I would not hesitate to call Mr. Watts for any legal matter.