Testimonial from Alabama consumer dealing with harassing debt collectors

This is a very kind review left by someone who was facing debt collectors who broke the law and hired us to help him stop the harassment.  As with most of our reviews, you can find this on my Avvo profile.

Highly recommended attorney who takes you from fear to confidence!

This was my very first time when I had to go to an attorney due to harassing and misinforming (softly said…) collection agency. I wish I would know someone like John Watts years earlier! I bet my and my family’s credit credit would not be as damaged as it is now.

Anyways, not only John backed off the wolves, but he also got a nice settlement. The process was pretty pleasant. .

My advice for those who are in doubt: if in doubt, call John Watts. Here is why. We immigrated to USA about 15 years ago. A lot of scammers took advantage of us: opening lines of credit on our names, leases, credit cards. Then, collection agencies took advantage as well by knowing that we don’t know laws. They were harassing us mostly for the debt we never took. Our phone was constantly ringing, They were constantly making us feel guilty, intimidated and emotionally upset.

Looks like most people don’t know laws and just suck it up. I learned that collection agencies are extremely manipulative and ruthless. They act like wolves towards people who don’t know laws. But when you get someone like John Watts, they become scared like sheep.

As I said, I wish I would know John earlier. I learned a lot just from having one case with him. And besides settlement, John gave me confidence when it comes to debt collectors.

It was our pleasure to represent this very nice client.

If you are dealing with debt collectors who are harassing you, then we strongly urge you to discover your rights.  The FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) is a powerful law (along with other laws) to help you stop abusive debt collectors.

Give us a call at 205-879-2447 or you can contact us here and we’ll be glad to help you think through your options and take the right action.

John Watts