Testimonial from Alabama client sued by a debt buyer

You can read the review on my Avvo profile here.  When you are sued by a debt buyer, it is often doable to represent yourself if you have the time and determination to do it but other times it makes more sense to hire an attorney.  We appreciate clients putting their trust in us to help them through difficult situations.

Mr. Watts was amazing! I am so glad that I called. I received a court summons and had no idea what to do. I called him. He gave me all of my options and did not force or try to persuade me to hire him. He gave me the facts and my options and left it up to me. I decided to hire him. BEST THING I COULD HAVE EVER DONE! He walked me through the process step by step, kept me informed, and settled my case. My advice, call John Watts, hear what he has to say, and HIRE HIM. Don’t let the court summons scare you. You have rights and John Watts knows them. Call him today! You wont be disappointed. He is honest, open, friendly, non judgmental, and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone!