Testimonial from Lisa From Alabama

When I first received notification from LVNV that they were suing me, I was devastated and did not know where to turn. I was embarrassed and was afraid they would contact my employer.

After many nights of no sleep, I googled “what to do if sued by debt collector” and I immediately found the information John had posted on their website regarding what a debt collector can and cannot do. There is so much information there!

I spoke with John on the phone and realized right away LVNV should not have sued me.

After disputing the debt, LVNV had the suit against me dismissed. While this was good….it got GREAT when I talked with John again and he filed suit against LVNV. They should not have sued me in the first place and they should have removed it from my credit report.

Because of John, I got a very nice settlement that was VERY unexpected! I not only feel great for having beat LVNV, I also hope that more people will contact John so he can fight back for you and teach these debt collectors to do their research before they jump!

THANKS John!!!!!!!