Sued By A Debt Collector

Just because you are sued by a debt collector does not mean you will lose. Whoever sues you must show it owns the debt and that you owe the debt.

What You Need to Know About Debt Buying Laws in Alabama

What You Need to Know About Debt Buying Laws in Alabama When someone says you owe money and takes you to court in Alabama, it is important to know what is allowed by the law. Sometimes, people think buying and selling debt is not allowed. But that is not true! In Alabama, companies can buy and sell these debts, but they must follow the rules. In this article, I will help you better understand the bet laws in Alabama.  … (Read more)

Sued by Debt Collector: Understanding Your Legal Options in Alabama

Understanding Your Legal Options: A Guide to Handling Debt Collection Lawsuits in Alabama When faced with a debt collection lawsuit in Alabama, it is easy for you to feel stressed.  And overwhelmed and uncertain about you legal rights and options. This guide help you know the steps to take when you are sued by debt collectors such as LVNV, Midland, Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA), etc.  This series will also give you a roadmap to get to the good solution you… (Read more)

Advertisement letters from lawyers saying I have been SUED: Are these a SCAM or legit?

Advertisement letters from lawyers saying I have been SUED: Are these a SCAM or legit? Have You Actually Been Sued?   The Initial Doubt The first step is to verify whether you have actually been sued. If you receive a letter in the mail from a law firm or mediation company stating that you’ve been sued, it’s natural to question its legitimacy. This is especially true given the number of scams that exist today, from phishing attempts to fraudulent emails… (Read more)

LVNV Sued You

LVNV Sued You Why are they suing? And what are your options? LVNV has sued you in a debt collection lawsuit. Why are they suing you, and what are your options?   Who is LVNV Funding, LLC?  This is a debt collector or a debt buyer. They are suing you because they claim that they have bought an old debt. The debt might be from Credit One, Synchrony Bank, Chase, or another old original creditor, but they claim to have… (Read more)

What Happens When You Are Sued By a Debt Collector In District or Small Claims Court In Alabama

What Happens When You Are Sued By A Debt Collector in District or Small Claims Court in Alabama   An overview of the process from beginning to end. In my hands, I’m holding a copy of a typical lawsuit, which is also called a complaint. A debt collector, such as Unifund, Midland Funding, LVNV, Portfolio Recovery, or Asset Acceptance, prepares a complaint. They file this document in court, and it states who is suing you. The lawsuit will have your… (Read more)

What if you settle a debt? Are there tax consequences?

Maybe you received a collection letter in the mail, or maybe you got sued, and you settled by paying some money to the original creditor or the debt collector. What are the tax consequences? Let me give you the general guidelines. There are exceptions to this, and some answers may have to be sought elsewhere, but with this information, you can at least have enough knowledge to ask the right questions.   Forgiven debt is taxable income to you There’s… (Read more)