Credit Report Errors

If the companies won’t fix your credit reports, you have the option to sue under federal law to persuade the appropriate companies to fix your credit reports and compensate you.

What should you do right now about the Equifax data breach?

Equifax let your private information be stolen. What should you do now? You know over 140 million Americans had their private information stolen from Equifax.  It is horrible that Equifax allowed this to occur.  You have no choice but for Equifax to have your private information.  And they did a lousy job of protecting it and then held that critical information from you for at least 6 weeks. (If you want to know more about this data breach, you can… (Read more)

What is a removal of my case from state court to federal court?

What is a removal of my case from state court to federal court? This is where a state case is moved (“removed”) to federal court. So the case literally started in state court and now is transferred to federal court.  That’s basically what this means. This is the right of a defendant who is sued in state court if one of two things has happened. The first situation is when there’s a federal claim involved. Let’s say you sue an… (Read more)

How we help mortgage professionals fix their clients’ credit report errors

You have clients with credit report errors — what are your options for fixing these errors? We help mortgage professionals who have clients with credit reporting errors As a mortgage professional (broker or banker), it is incredibly frustrating for you to attract a client to your business, spend time with that client, and then not be able to give them the loan they need because some company has wrongfully put errors on their credit reports. This may be a debt… (Read more)

Taking the Alabama Bar? Bad credit can prevent you from sitting for the Bar!

Money problems can prevent you from taking the Alabama Bar — find out your options now. If you are a law student or lawyer, and you are planning on taking the Alabama State Bar to practice law in Alabama, then understand that having bad credit can prevent you from being qualified to take the bar exam. This article is based on our experience helping both law students and attorneys from other states who want to take the bar exam in… (Read more)

My debt collection lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice — now what?

Problem of being sued becomes a great opportunity when you win — when the case is dismissed with prejudice Summary If you were sued by a debt collector (debt buyer) and your case was dismissed with prejudice, then this is the same as winning your case.  (I’m not talking about a settlement but where the court does this outside of a settlement).  And we are only talking about Alabama law — other states may be different. As a dismissal with… (Read more)

Make sure your lawyer answers all of your questions before hiring the lawyer

Make sure you get answers from any lawyer you are thinking of hiring. Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable with your representation. You have questions — make sure before hiring a lawyer that you get all of your questions answered The primary reason you consider hiring a lawyer is because you have questions about the law or how the legal process works.  Especially when you are considering being in court — it is natural that you would have questions. So here… (Read more)