General Consumer Issues

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Make sure your lawyer answers all of your questions before hiring the lawyer

You have questions — make sure before hiring a lawyer that you get all of your questions answered The primary reason you consider hiring a lawyer is because you have questions about the law or how the legal process works.  Especially when you are considering being in court — it is natural that you would have questions. So here are some suggestions as you go through the process of finding and hiring a consumer protection lawyer. Make a written list… (Read more)

“If my car is totaled, I can’t be sued for any deficiency, right?”

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of getting your car totaled in a car wreck, you may wonder, “I can’t be sued for deficiencies on this car, right?” Many people say that you can’t be sued, because you weren’t responsible for your car being totaled. However, the reality of the situation is that you do owe a deficiency on your car. If the loan on the car is $15,000, and the insurance company only covers $12,000, then you still owe… (Read more)

How do I go through Alabama State or Federal courthouse security?

When you’re preparing for your day in court, you may wonder, “What is courthouse security like in a State or Federal courthouse?” For most people, it makes sense to have security. It’s just like going through airport security. However, you may not have been to an airport or courthouse before, or maybe you haven’t thought about it. Today we hope to help you prepare for going to a courthouse. Why they have courthouse security and what it means for you.… (Read more)

The Scorpion and the Frog– why do abusive companies break the law?

This is a little different from our usual posts, however, I believe this story will be beneficial to you as you deal with abusive companies. The Scorpion and the Frog This story has application to debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, car finance companies, mortgage companies, etc. Sometimes we sit and wonder, “Why do these companies do these dumb things where they’ll have to pay a lot of money after we sue them?” Read the story of the scorpion and the… (Read more)

Why do I need to bring you a timeline and give you info for our consultation?

“Why do I need to bring you a timeline and give you info for our consultation?” When we have a consultation we need certain information from you including a timeline of what happened when. Sometimes potential clients don’t want to get us documents — they say, “I have a specific question and I just want you to answer that one question.  I don’t need to share any other information with you.” We respectfully decline to consider letting these folks be… (Read more)