You have options to sue the mortgage company both before and after an illegal foreclosure.  The federal law RESPA is very powerful in stopping foreclosures but there are strict time limits.  Make sure you take immediate action if you want to save your home but beware of scams, especially out of state companies and out of state lawfirms that claim to be able to help you in Alabama.  All we have seen are scams so do your due diligence before you hire anyone.  We have a wealth of information (videos and articles) to get you started here.  Best wishes!  John Watts

“Why do I need to bring you a timeline and give you info for our consultation?”

When we have a consultation we need certain information from you including a timeline of what happened when. Sometimes potential clients don’t want to get us documents — they say, “I have a specific question and I just want you to answer that one question.  I don’t need to share any other information with you.” We respectfully decline to consider letting these folks be our clients as the relationship will never work. While these folks think there issue is a… (Read more)

What is a notice of error under RESPA related to my mortgage?

We have this law called RESPA that applies to mortgages and it covers many areas, but for our purposes we’re going to speak about, “What does it say on something called a Notice of Error?” What is a Notice of Error? That’s when your mortgage company has committed an error in what is known as the “servicing” of your loan. That could be what they claim you owe, about home owners insurance being canceled, about credit reporting, about lost mitigation,… (Read more)

What is a request for information under RESPA for my mortgage?

RESPA is the federal law that governs mortgages. If you think your mortgage company has done something wrong, or if they’re done something that is confusing to you and you don’t understand why they’re doing it, you can send a request for information.  These are related to, but a bit different than a notice of error under RESPA. [A Notice of error is where you say, “Mortgage company, you’ve done something wrong.”] Request for information is where you’re asking for… (Read more)

What is the timeline on an Alabama foreclosure?

My name is John Watts. I’m an Alabama consumer protection attorney and today we’re going to answer, “I’m afraid I may be foreclosed. What is the timeline or the timetable in Alabama for a foreclosure?” It’s a great question. It’s one that we get quite a bit, so we wanted to address it in this video. Keep in mind there are three stages of foreclosure in Alabama: There is before the foreclosure. There is the actual foreclosure sale itself. Then… (Read more)

Alabama Foreclosure– Will I be kicked out of my house by a sheriff?

Need help with foreclosure? “I was foreclosed. Does this mean the sheriff will kick me out of my house?” This is a very common question. There are so many foreclosures and there’s so much misinformation out on the internet, from real estate agents that come by, from friends and family that give you advice, etc. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what a foreclosure means. Let’s talk about the three stages of foreclosure. The first stage… (Read more)

How does the FDCPA apply to my mortgage company?

Hello. My name is John Watts. I am an Alabama Consumer Protection Attorney and this is part of our continuing series on answering questions. The question we will answer today is how does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA, apply to my mortgage company? Here is what the FDCPA regulates or governs. It says if you have a debt collector and you are dealing with a personal debt and not a business debt, then the FDCPA will… (Read more)