You have options to sue the mortgage company both before and after an illegal foreclosure.  The federal law RESPA is very powerful in stopping foreclosures but there are strict time limits.  Make sure you take immediate action if you want to save your home but beware of scams, especially out of state companies and out of state lawfirms that claim to be able to help you in Alabama.  All we have seen are scams so do your due diligence before you hire anyone.  We have a wealth of information (videos and articles) to get you started here.  Best wishes!  John Watts

Discover your 4 options to save your home from a foreclosure

You are here because you received a letter from us about a foreclosure that is scheduled on your home You received a letter from us because we believe you have a foreclosure scheduled on your home.  You are here because you actually do have a foreclosure and you are trying to figure out your options. The good news is you do have some answers and we can help you discover which answer is the best for you. (You may be… (Read more)

How to stop an Alabama foreclosure on your home without filing bankruptcy

Stop your Alabama foreclosure You are in the right place if you are looking for how to stop your Alabama foreclosure without filing bankruptcy You are here because you have an actual foreclosure date scheduled for your home in Alabama.  This is known as a “foreclosure crisis” and you are wondering if there is any way to stop it without filing bankruptcy. The answer is yes there normally is a way to stop the foreclosure sale even without bankruptcy.  I… (Read more)

“What is the 120 day foreclosure rule under RESPA?”

RESPA is a powerful federal law that can help prevent a foreclosure, especially if you are not more than 120 days past du on your mortgage.  Let’s talk about this for a moment. What is RESPA? RESPA is a federal law that has been around a long time but was recently changed in 2014 to give homeowners protection against a lot of the abusive mortgage practices.  This includes: So called “dual tracking” where a foreclosure happens while you are in… (Read more)

“What is a motion to enforce a settlement agreement?”

A motion to enforce a settlement agreement is where we are asking a court to enforce the terms of a settlement — to make the defendant do what the defendant promised when it settled. A case gets settled and sometimes we don’t have the settlement agreement already finalized.  Or we do and the company we have sued wants to add terms and conditions that we never agreed to. The most common example is wanting “super confidentiality” so we can never… (Read more)

“Can I really sue my mortgage company for violating RESPA?”

RESPA is a law that forces mortgage companies to treat you fairly One of the questions that may come to mind is, “Can I really sue my mortgage company under RESPA?”  The answer is “Yes” — if your mortgage company has violated RESPA then you can sue and that may stop a foreclosure against you. RESPA is a powerful law. It’s very helpful when you’re facing foreclosure, and especially if the mortgage company has made any mistakes. Usually they do… (Read more)

“How do I use Notice Of Error letters in my foreclosure case?”

Wrongful foreclosure is something that you can fight using notice of error letters When you’re facing a foreclosure, you may be wondering, “How can I stop this from happening?”  One part of the answer is to properly use Notice of Error letters under the federal law of RESPA. First, you can find detailed information on foreclosures and the federal law RESPA for free by going to and as these sites have several incredibly detailed videos and downloads on… (Read more)