You have options to sue the mortgage company both before and after an illegal foreclosure.  The federal law RESPA is very powerful in stopping foreclosures but there are strict time limits.  Make sure you take immediate action if you want to save your home but beware of scams, especially out of state companies and out of state lawfirms that claim to be able to help you in Alabama.  All we have seen are scams so do your due diligence before you hire anyone.  We have a wealth of information (videos and articles) to get you started here.  Best wishes!  John Watts

“How do I use Notice Of Error letters in my foreclosure case?”

Wrongful foreclosure is something that you can fight using notice of error letters When you’re facing a foreclosure, you may be wondering, “How can I stop this from happening?”  One part of the answer is to properly use Notice of Error letters under the federal law of RESPA. First, you can find detailed information on foreclosures and the federal law RESPA for free by going to and as these sites have several incredibly detailed videos and downloads on… (Read more)

The Scorpion and the Frog– why do abusive companies break the law?

Find out solutions to your questions about collection companies. This is a little different from our usual posts, however, I believe this story will be beneficial to you as you deal with abusive companies. The Scorpion and the Frog This story has application to debt collectors, credit reporting agencies, car finance companies, mortgage companies, etc. Sometimes we sit and wonder, “Why do these companies do these dumb things where they’ll have to pay a lot of money after we sue… (Read more)

How do the new RESPA laws help avoid a foreclosure in Alabama?

Today we will discuss RESPA and how it can help prevent a foreclosure. RESPA is a Federal law that governs the relationship between you and the mortgage company This is a very broad law that covers different aspects of foreclosure. Right now we will focus on how it’s helpful in stopping a foreclosure. Here are a few examples of how this law is helpful. If you apply for loss mitigation more than 38 days from the foreclosure date, then that… (Read more)

Discover how to use RESPA letters with your mortgage company

RESPA letters can help you save your home from foreclosure I’ll keep this article short — the video above is a detailed (nearly an hour) discussion of how to use RESPA letters when dealing with your mortgage company, especially if you are facing a foreclosure. You can send Request for Information letters and Notice of Error letters to your mortgage company.  In the video we discuss what these are, and then go through about 14 sample letters. So that you… (Read more)

“How do I learn more about letters to send in my foreclosure case?”

Learn how to send out RESPA letters to your mortgage company If you’re facing a foreclosure, you may be thinking, “How do I learn about Notice Of Error and Request For Information letters?” All of this is under the federal law RESPA, which deals with mortgages Whether you’re facing foreclosure, have already faced a foreclosure, or you’re just confused about what your mortgage company is doing, these letters are very powerful in making sure that mortgage companies are doing the… (Read more)

Why We Need A Timeline To Meet With You On A Wrongful Foreclosure Case

foreclosure sign in front of a home If you are facing a foreclosure, or even if you have been foreclosed, why do I need a timeline to meet with you? Because under state and federal laws, dates are very important when dealing with a foreclosure.  What might be legal if done in 30 days might be illegal if done in 29 days. Think of a football game — the whole game can be won or lost based on mere inches.… (Read more)