Abusive Debt Collectors

You CAN fight back against abusive debt collectors.   The laws (including the FDCPA — Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) are on your side and juries understand abusive debt collectors must be stopped.  Discover your rights and take immediate action now.  You can learn from our articles and videos and then call us when you are ready to turn the tables on abusive debt collectors.  Call us at 205-879-2447 — we will be glad to help you.  John Watts

“Who is Cascade Capital and why are they suing me?”

You may have gotten a letter in the mail from a company called Cascade Capital. They may be claiming that you owe them money from an old car loan, where there was supposedly a repossession. You may be wondering, “What should I do?” Here are some things you need to keep in mind when you’re dealing with this company. You most likely have never directly dealt with Cascade Capital before. They wouldn’t have been the ones who let you borrow… (Read more)

“Who is Velocity Investments, and why are they suing me?”

You may have gotten a letter in the mail stating that you’ve been sued by Velocity Investments. You may be thinking, “Who is this company, and why are they suing me?” Who is this company “Velocity Investments”? Velocity Investments is a company claims to buy up old car loans, generally after repossession. Why are they suing me? They’re trying to get you to pay on this old debt that they claim you owe and they claim to own. Usually, they… (Read more)

“How do I get a debt collector to stop harassing me at work?”

Debt collectors calling you at work can be brutal and need to be sued When a collector is harassing you at work, you may wonder, “How do I get them to stop?” There are two options when you’re dealing with harassment. Ask them to stop calling you at work. Let’s assume that they aren’t talking to your coworkers, yelling at you, or cussing you out. They’re actually being respectful to you. The fact of the matter is that most employers… (Read more)

Who is Asset Acceptance and why are they suing me?

Discover who this company is and why they’re bothering you. You may have gotten a letter in the mail from a company by the name of Asset Acceptance. You may be wondering, “Who is Asset Acceptance and why are they suing me?” This is a good question, because Asset Acceptance files quite a few cases a week in Alabama. Who is Asset Acceptance? They are a debt collection agency, or a debt buyer. They claim to buy old debt. Usually… (Read more)

Does the TCPA cover text messages when collectors blow up my phone?

When your phone is blowing up with unwanted phone calls and texts from collection agencies, you may wonder, “Does the TCPA cover text these collection text messages?” The short answer is yes, the TCPA covers text messages. The TCPA applies the same way that it applies to phone calls. We aren’t talking about manual calls or texts here, however. The TCPA doesn’t cover those calls. We’re talking about robo-dialers, prerecorded messages, and such. In the same way, we’re talking about… (Read more)

“What is a cease and desist letter and how does it help me?”

When you’re dealing with a debt collector, you have the option to send them a cease and desist letter. This letter states that you either refuse to pay the debt, or that you want them to cease communication. When you send that letter, they’re supposed to follow the rules. They may send you one letter that states something along the lines of, “We may take further action against you, but we will not call or write you anymore.” What’s the… (Read more)