Abusive Debt Collectors

Abusive debt collectors are like bullies. If you don’t take action, they get worse. If you fight back, they tend to go away. Learn how to fight back using the laws.

“How do I send my dispute letter to the debt collector?”

If you are dealing with a debt collector, you have the right to send a dispute letter.  We have a simple dispute letter for you to look at and use if you wish.  But how do you actually send it? First, keep a signed copy of your letter. Second, send it certified mail return receipt requested so you will get a green card back. Third, when you get the green card back, scan it in (or take a picture of… (Read more)

“The debt collector says I can’t dispute by phone. Is this right?”

No.  The debt collector is lying to you.  And assuming this is a debt and a debt collector covered by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you may be able to sue for this type of lie. You have an absolute right to dispute debt that a debt collector is collecting on.  You don’t have to give a reason for your dispute. And you can do it by phone or in writing. Now I recommend you do it in… (Read more)

“The debt collector says I have to give a reason before I can dispute the debt. True?”

You do NOT have to give a reason when you dispute.  There are some wishful thinking lawyers who defend debt collectors who have tried to make this a requirement but it is not a requirement under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).   How do I dispute a debt? You can do it over the phone and should do this but also I suggest you follow up in writing.  Here is a simple dispute letter you can send to… (Read more)

Why Are Collectors/Creditors Still Harassing Me After The Debts Were Discharged in Bankruptcy?

You made the decision to file bankruptcy and then he received your discharge order which means you are no longer liable for the debts that were discharged in bankruptcy. This is your moment to get a fresh start. But…. Creditors and collection agencies are still harassing you about the discharge debts. Two questions come to mind. First, why am I still being harassed over these debts when I legally discharge them and my chapter 7 bankruptcy? Second, what do I… (Read more)

The dirty secret of hiring a great lawyer

The dirty secret is it is very difficult knowing for certain that you have found a good lawyer to represent you in whatever legal matter you have.  (At the end of this lengthy article I talk about how my family made the decision on hiring a lawyer as this might be helpful to you). I know this sounds like a crazy thing to say, since I’m a lawyer who clients hire to represent them, but it is the truth. The… (Read more)

“Will I Get A Copy Of The Lawsuit When You File It?”

Yes, if you have hired us as your lawyer, then as soon as we file your case, you will get what is known as a “stamped filed” copy of the lawsuit. This means that once we have a copy of the lawsuit, or the “complaint,” that has been stamped as being filed by a federal court, then we will send that to you. We generally send this both as an email attachment as well as a hard copy through the… (Read more)