Abusive Debt Collectors

You CAN fight back against abusive debt collectors.   The laws (including the FDCPA — Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) are on your side and juries understand abusive debt collectors must be stopped.  Discover your rights and take immediate action now.  You can learn from our articles and videos and then call us when you are ready to turn the tables on abusive debt collectors.  Call us at 205-879-2447 — we will be glad to help you.  John Watts

Suing your mortgage company for refusing to give you a CARES Act forbearance you were entitled to receive

The CARES Act is a powerful law that, if you qualify, entitles you to receive a forbearance on making payments on your mortgage.  But what happens when your mortgage company refuses to give you the forbearance? What can you sue for? This is a question that was asked by a consumer after our article listed above.  So here are some possibilities: FDCPA RESPA and RESPA letters FCRA State law Let’s look at these but first let’s remind ourselves of what the… (Read more)

Will debt collection explode when the country reopens from the COVID-19 shutdown?

Yes — debt collection of all types will explode when the country reopens.  Certainly, collection lawsuits will go up and eventually foreclosures will also.  The IRS will come back to life and go after taxpayers who owe money with a vengeance.  But in this article, we want to talk about “normal” debt collection in the form of calls, credit reporting, and collection letters. I say normal debt collection will go up.  Why?  Let’s discuss. Most debt collection companies are holding… (Read more)

3 tips in 3 minutes: credit reporting by a debt collector

Here are three simple tips that you can quickly learn and then take action on when dealing with credit reporting by a debt collector.  (We have longer articles but this will be a good start). Here are the three tips and then we’ll briefly discuss them: See if there is any obvious inaccuracy Dispute the debt directly with the debt collector if you need information Dispute the debt with the credit reporting agencies if you the first two options don’t… (Read more)

Can a debt collector garnish my wages without a judgment?

“Can a debt collector garnish my wages without a judgment?” A big part of my job is dealing with debt collectors, and helping consumers deal with debt collectors in Alabama. This question comes up often when we’re talking with consumers, so we thought we would answer it here. Garnishment means taking your money.  So wage garnishment is where a percentage (usually 25%) of your wages is withheld from each paycheck.  That money gets sent to the court.  Who then sends… (Read more)

Referring lawyers — have a case you would like us to look at for you?

We welcome referrals from lawyers inside or outside of Alabama Many of our cases — and particularly our bigger cases — come from referring lawyers who refer their consumer cases to us.  While most people who send us cases are lawyers we have worked with for many years, we wanted to share this information primarily for lawyers we have not worked with so you will understand the process.  We want to make any referrals as easy as possible for you.… (Read more)

All abusive debt collectors should be sued . . . repeatedly

You know how you get a “volume discount” when you buy a 400-foot long hose at Sam’s Club?  Or a giant box of crackers?  Kind of makes sense.  But this is how abusive debt collectors think — they believe the more times they break the law the less they should be sued under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).  And when they are sued, they want a “volume discount” because they have been sued multiple times. One of the… (Read more)