Are all debt collection lawsuits the same across the country?

Are all debt collection lawsuits the same across the country?

debt collection lawsuitsWe often get questions and comments from folks living outside of Alabama wondering about the debt collection lawsuit process in their state.

Specifically we are asked if we can help them directly or can explain how the lawsuit process works in another state.

Let’s talk about it.

The answer is no.

Each state handles debt collection lawsuits differently, so make sure you are looking at the rules for your particular state.

For example, if you live in Arkansas, look at the laws for Arkansas.

Not Alabama, or any other state.

You may be able to get general information about debt collection lawsuits from articles and videos about them in other states.

However, if you want to specifics — such as how long you have to answer a lawsuit — look at the laws for your state.

My expertise is with Alabama debt collection lawsuits.

My firm only know that laws for Alabama.

All of the videos and articles I have out are related to Alabama law.

If you live in Georgia, Florida, New York, California, etc. the laws may be completely different for you.

I highly recommend that you look for a lawyer in your state who can answer your specific questions in your state.

Better safe than sorry, especially when a debt collection lawsuit can really mess up your life if it’s handled improperly.

Hopefully this has been helpful to you as you search for your answer to what you should do about a debt collection lawsuit.

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