If I have a vacated judgment, what happens with my credit report?

If I have a vacated judgment, what happens with my credit report?

vacated judgmentThis is a great question, especially when we’re dealing with credit reporting agencies.

Here are a few words of advice when you’re dealing with a vacated judgment.

Check your credit reports.

More than likely, the judgment is on your credit report.

If it isn’t, then that’s good. ┬áIt should not be on your reports.

There’s nothing that needs to be done.

But if the judgment is still on your credit report, then dispute it with the credit reporting agencies.

Make sure that you properly dispute it with them.

Send them a copy of the original judgment, and the vacated judgment.

Then explain that they need to fix your report.

Sometimes, they will try to put the judgment as satisfied instead of vacated.

Those are two different things.

Satisfied means that the debt’s been paid.

Vacated means that the debt no longer exists.

Here’s an example.

We had a case where a judgment was accidentally entered.

Equifax immediately picked the judgment up.

The court fixed the judgment by vacating it a couple of days later.

We disputed the judgment with Equifax, and they said they would keep the judgment on there but label it as “satisfied.”

However, the judgment was vacated.

It doesn’t exist anymore.

So, we sued them for false credit reporting.

If they refuse to fix your credit reports, look into suing them under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

If you’ve disputed with them on this vacated judgment and they refuse to fix your reports, then you can sue them under the FCRA for false credit reporting.

It’s unacceptable for the credit reporting agencies to read your valid dispute and refuse to fix the false credit reporting.

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