Who is Midland Funding and why are they suing me?

Discover your options against Midland Funding

Being sued can be a huge burden on your back — find out your options

You may have received a letter in the mail from a company called Midland Funding or Midland Credit Management stating that you owe them money.  Or maybe Ferry & Nicholas wrote you saying you have been sued by Midland and you are confused as you have never heard of Midland.

You probably looked at this letter and thought, “Who in the world is Midland Funding and why are they saying that I owe them money?

Midland Funding is debt collection agency or a debt buyer.

They claim that they own the debt that you owe.

They file at least 100 cases a week against consumers in Alabama.

Remember that you need to file your answer within the allotted time frame (14 days Small Claims and District Court, 30 days in Circuit Court.)

Midland has to prove they owe the debt

Their “burden of proof” in court is that they need to show that they own your debt.  Not merely that you owe the debt or that you owed Capital One or GE Money Bank, etc. but that Midland owns your debt.

They struggle doing this.

You have 5 options when you’ve been sued by Midland Funding

You can read about your five options in great detail (or watch a video).

1.) You can file bankruptcy.

This is rarely appropriate, but in some circumstances it is.

2.) You can fight it on your own.

This is an option that we often encourage consumers to do.

3.) You can settle it on your own.

This is a less likely option, but it’s still on the table.

4.) You can hire a lawyer to fight it.

We have represented hundreds of consumers successfully against Midland.  We make them prove ownership and we raise any valid defenses such as the statute of limitations.

5.) You can hire a lawyer to settle it.

We normally give Midland a non negotiable settlement that does not involve you paying any money to Midland.

Feel free to call us at 1-205-879-2447 and we can help you walk you through your options.

In summary….

Who is Midland Funding?

They say that they bought the debt.

Why are they suing you?

Because they want a judgment against you.

They want to garnish 25% of your paycheck and wipe out your bank accounts.

They want to be able to sell your land, home, and car among other assets.

Take this very seriously.

Consider all of your options.

Check all of your deadlines.

Feel free to contact us

We will gladly help you walk through your options.

If you live in Alabama and you would like to get in touch with us, our phone number is 1-205-879-2447.

Or you can fill out a contact form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

I look forward to talking with you!

Have a great day.

-John G. Watts

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