How do I go through Alabama State or Federal courthouse security?

Discover how to get through courthouse securityWhen you’re preparing for your day in court, you may wonder, “What is courthouse security like in a State or Federal courthouse?”

For most people, it makes sense to have security.

It’s just like going through airport security.

However, you may not have been to an airport or courthouse before, or maybe you haven’t thought about it.

Today we hope to help you prepare for going to a courthouse.

Why they have courthouse security and what it means for you.

The reason that there is security in a courthouse is because in the past there have been incidents, such as shootings, in courthouses.

Since this is the case, usually there will be a Deputy Sheriff, Marshall, or some sort of security officer right when you walk in the front door.

They will make sure you’re safe, and also make sure that you don’t bring anything potentially dangerous into the courthouse.

Typically, you’ll go through a metal detector.

You’ll need to do a few things.

Take off your jacket.

Take off your belt.

Take off your shoes.

Empty your pockets.

Make sure that there’s no metal on your body that you can remove.

Those items will go on a conveyor belt to be scanned.

Then, they will ask you to walk though a metal detector.

Do not bring a knife.

Do not bring a gun.

Do not bring any type of weapon.

If you bring a weapon, they will not allow you inside the courthouse.

They typically won’t hold your weapon for you up front.

They will generally make you take it back to your car, or leave it wherever you feel comfortable.

You may have a right to carry a weapon, but that does not mean that you can carry it into the courthouse.

You may be thinking, “Well, when I’m walking around the park, I can carry a knife or gun.”

That may be true, however they still won’t allow you in the courthouse with a weapon.

Make sure you think ahead when you’re planning to go to court.

Treat courthouse security like you would at the airport.

You wouldn’t be able to take something dangerous to the airport.

Don’t try to sneak anything in, or else you will get in major trouble.

Be prepared for this.

This also means that you need to plan your timing for court accordingly.

If you have trial at 9am, do not arrive at the courthouse at 8:58am.

Consider that there may be a line of people, because they have to go through the security steps also, and some of those people may have to go through the metal detector twice.

Give yourself time for these obstacles.

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