Free video series to stop foreclosures in Alabama

loan modificationThere is so much mis-information about foreclosures, loan modifications, etc. in Alabama.  Where do you turn and what do you do?

We have several resources for you.

Our most comprehensive is our 4 video series (with detailed workbook) that you can watch for free.  This is not for someone looking for an “easy” button or who is not willing to work to stop a foreclosure.

We go into tremendous detail in these videos which range from about 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

The workbook that comes with the series is vitally important as it helps you to figure out where you are, what can happen in the future, and what do you do right now.  We also have an amazing offer for a free consultation if you watch the videos and fill out the workbook.

A shorter resource without a workbook is found here on what do you do if you are behind on your mortgage.

Let me give you some thoughts on what NOT to do:

  • Don’t hire a loan modification company unless you have checked them out thoroughly as every one I’ve seen is a scam so be careful
  • Don’t hire a lawyer who is not licensed in Alabama unless you want to waste your money and lose your home
  • Don’t ignore what is happening — it will only get worse
  • Don’t delay — there are powerful laws (including federal law) that can greatly help you save your home but you have to take immediate action
  • Don’t give up — I know it is depressing when you are facing the loss of your home and we all can bury our head in the sand but that won’t change what’s happening — we need immediate and decisive action.  The right action right now.

Check out whichever resource appeals to you but if you are truly serious about saving your home then go to the comprehensive video series as this will give you the best chance of saving your home and avoiding foreclosure.

Best wishes!

John Watts

[Update on September 21, 2015 — someone brought this to my attention — worth reading from last year about lawyer loan modification scams.  You need to be very careful — that’s one reason we created the comprehensive FREE video series at so you can discover for yourself some options and whether you should handle this on your own or hire a lawyer.  And if you hire a lawyer, how do you find the right lawyer?  We hope this helps you.]

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