FDCPA — One Year Statute Of Limitation To Sue Abusive Collectors

FDCPA — One Year Statute Of Limitation To Sue Abusive Collectors

You have one year to sue an abusive debt collector under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

While it can sometimes get a bit complicated on when it starts, the safe general rule is whenever the debt collector violates the law is the starting point even if you don’t know about it.

The details of when the statute of limitations starts can be explained to you by an attorney who does this type of work and hears about your particular situation but the point is you don’t have long to file suit.

If a collector is harassing you or lying to you or illegally threatening you, then you need to move quickly to preserve your rights.

I’ve had people say “It’s not fair that  a debt collector has a longer statute of limitations to sue me than I do to sue them.”

It may not be fair but that is the law.

What should you do with this knowledge?

So if you are dealing with a collector, find out about your rights.

Document what has happened.

Meet with a consumer protection lawyer who sues debt collectors under the FDCPA.

Then if you have a case and it makes sense to sue, go ahead and sue for money damages within the one year statute of limitation.

Suing abusive collectors may protect you and protect others from being abused.

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